Hiring Strategy in the Post Covid World

Posted by hireprint
On June 6, 2020

Having 20 years experience as a professional recruiter within the printing and packaging industry, I have never laid witness to what we have just gone through with the Covid-19 virus. Prior to the outbreak, the overall unemployment numbers were at an all-time low, resulting in what we observed as a really strong job market. 
This was easily confirmed with the high number of job postings and search requests that we were receiving weekly.
Since the start of the virus and the actions of the government to shut down the economy the number of postings/requests have dropped drastically…….more like skidding to a stop.

As the number of companies and business started to temporarily shut their doors, unemployment began to skyrocket to heights that we have never seen in our lifetime.
Generally when we see unemployment rates trend up, even just a spike, the result is increased candidate activity looking and competing for fewer available jobs. The problem that occurs in this scenario is that non qualified and extremely under qualified candidates begin to flood job boards and postings with thier resumes in hopes of finding employment.

Utilizing an industry specific job board or using the services of a recruiter will indelibly eliminate the spam of inexperienced applicants.

Finding great talent with HirePrint is an effective and efficient way to satisfy your companies staffing needs.