The Sky is the Limit is a dedicated recruitment firm specializing in the Printing and Packaging Industry.
Formed in 1999 under the company name, Meridian Management Services, we had quickly grown to become the premier source for the industry. Our knowledge of the industry stems from hands on experience of over 20 years working in both production and management roles. It is our experience and the ability to fully understand the needs of our clients and candidates which has made us the go to recruitment professionals.
We know the Printing and Packaging Industry!!

In 2012 we experienced a devastating incident which eroded our ability to achieve the high expectation level of services for which we had become known. As a result Meridian Management Services began to limit its operation. The thought process here was that if we could not continue providing service to the level that was expected, then we could not continue. This search limitation allowed us the opportunity to focus resources on fewer assignments and help to achieve positive outcomes. However the loss of passion due to the effects of this incident created less and less assignments.
These were indeed the dark days for Meridian Management.

In May of 2018 we have been able to re-launch our service under our new name Hire Print Skills.
We have become re-energized and super excited to get back to the operation that we feel so passionate about. Our main goal is to once again become the premier staffing resource for the printing and packaging industry and will not rest until we do so.
Leading up to our re-launch we developed a new business model that will provide our clients a better feedback loop to ensure that their needs are being met. We have come up with some very innovative strategies which we look forward to implementing, delivering and sharing with our clients and candidates.

We understand that in a niche recruitment segment, up to 90% of our business will be repeat business with satisfied clients. We look forward to re-connecting and catching up with our network of clients and candidates while at the same time forging ties to new relationships that we hope will become long lasting and mutually prosperous.

Quickly Fill Your Staffing Needs

When you have staffing needs within your company, whether it is a replacement for a position or additional personnel to satisfy growth, we have you covered.

As specialist within the printing and packaging industry we respond quickly to your needs, identifying and securing the interest of qualified individuals. Utilizing our vast database along with reaching out to our network of professionals we ensure that your needs are met.

As part of our new business model we make it easier for you to stay connected throughout the recruitment process.
With our online candidate profiles you may search and review the profiles of talented individuals within your geographic area and then contact us to provide more information on those of interest.

Find the Right Opportunity

Today’s competitive job market is quite volatile often fraught with job cuts, downsizing and a glut of job-seekers looking at the same opportunities as you.
To stand out in a tough market, you must be proactive and inventive. This is where our industry experience and recruitment savvy plays a huge role in finding you the right fit.
We will keep you up to date through the whole process utilizing some very innovative tools that you will have access to in your secured on-line dashboard area.

You have the opportunity to proactively promote your skills and knowledge by creating an Anonymous Profile that can be viewed by employers looking for individuals like you. The profiles have no contact information but if the employer is interested then they contact us at which point we connect with you to discuss your interest.
You may also stay up to date with keyword job alerts that will send you an alert of positions in which you may be interested.

No matter what your goals are, we work with you to find the right opportunity.

Making the Connection!

We are excited and eager to help you with your employment needs, whether it be employer or candidate, we look forward to assisting you in making the smart connection.